Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cruising thru Charleston, S.C-July 8-9, 2016

As far back as the 1600's, English royalty figured out how convenient the rivers and creeks of the sprawling Charleston Harbor would be.  This remains true today and especially for visiting yachtsmen looking for a great marina with lots of fun activities

This is the South - cotton, homemade cider, grits, pimento cheese burgers, blue crabs~ yes!

The first-class Charleston City Marina offers a free shuttle to downtown.  However, nearby and within easy walking distance is Salty Mike's Bar, Variety Store Restaurant, and The Wine Shop (with the best selection of red zins that you will ever find-it's hard to believe ).

Originally called Charles Town, the city is filled with charming historic homes.

The Charleston City Marina is simply huge.  But there is tidal "current" here.  Best plan your approach at slack current and/or have your spring lines & fenders ready to deploy.

While we were walking along the beautiful shoreline near Battery Park, a small squal blew in from the south.  You can see that it surprised this rented pontoon boat.  That's NOT his flag flying.  That's his Bimini top flying off~torn to rags.  Melissa & I had to hide in a nearby carport.

Plenty of great eateries in Charleston, like the Amen Street Fish & Raw Bar, featuring low country, southern inspired cuisine.  According to legend, the name was given because "amens" could often be heard from the nearby two churches.

And here's "Miss Melissa".  She likes those little shrimps just like her namesake.

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