Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cartagena, Columbia - Feb. 14-19, 2016

We were on the boat in Fort Pierce, but the weather was less than desirable.  So why not catch an easy flight to the beaches of Columbia!

Let's begin with some basic mojitos and a map of the beaches and sites

The focal point of Cartagena is the Old City known as the centro historico where the main entrance is Torre del Roloj.  An original Spanish settlement enclosed by a massive stone wall.

The poorer district of Getsemani is just nearby and is filled with murals and and other items of interest.

Melissa makes time for a little relaxing at one of the street cafes!

Cafe Havana famously got the endorsement of the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton on her trip to Columbia in 2012.  Popular place for rum drinks and dancing.

Rumba in Chiva-wooden buses painted with tropical colors with musical bands and "open bars" drive around the city partying "all night!"

But also time to relax with a ride thru the mangroves of LaBoquilla.

Wandering thru the mangroves.

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